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Berwick Student Accommodation is a fully furnished house offering rooms in a secure and comfortable environment, excellent hospitality and prime location at reasonable rates.



We’d like to welcome you to Berwick Student Accommodation, a home-away-from-home that stands out from all other share accommodation. You have the advantage of living within walking distance to Monash University, public transportation, a health gym, Casey Hospital and the Berwick Village shopping precinct. The house and each room within it complies with the strict fire and safety regulations that the State of Victoria in Australia insists upon.

We hope to have you happily staying with us.

John and Genie

I Australian-greatly enjoyed my year living at 23 Ambleside in Berwick, as the accommodation was much better than anything else I had been able to find as a student before. 

The house is very modern and well set up, with everything I needed to make student life a bit easier. My room was a great size and fitted with good furniture. Genie and John are lovely landlords as they really go out of their way to make the students comfortable. I especially appreciated the fact that they brought us fruit once a month and supplied toilet paper! It's the little things that make the biggest difference! I highly recommend this accommodation to anyone, especially international students, as it makes the transition into student life much easier. 

Thank you so much Genie and Jon! I really appreciate it!"

~Bronwyn, Australia ~ 

Sincmalaysiae young, I have lived in countless numbers of student housing in Australia.  None compare to the exceptional experience I've had during my 2 and a half years stay at BSA  Berwick, with memories that will last a lifetime.

Located conveniently close to hsops, public transport and university, it's a very good place for studying and chilling with your friends.

John and Genie, the landlords, are very friendly and accommodative who look after everything. The house being fully furnished was an extreme help because I didn’t need to bring many things from home. It was something that took a lot of the stress out of the moving process. I would strongly recommend BSA Berwick to anyone seeking a place to live while studying here in Melbourne."

~Nicholas, Malaysia~


Minutes asingaporeway from the Monash University and other amenities, this house is a quiet yet convenient place to stay.  

Not only that, the landlords are really hospitable and approachable, making sure that the house is clean and well maintained. Looking back, that was the best year I had for my undergraduate days. Especially with the good friends/ housemates I made during my stay, I definitely have enjoyed my time over at Ambleside Crescent."

~Zechariah, Singapore~



Coming across BSA osingaporenline during my accommodation search was such a big blessing. I was overseas at the time, and couldn't make phone or face-to-face contact; but the thought and care put into the website alone already convinced me that I would be in good hands at this house.

Sure enough, Genie (the landlady) was warm and welcoming even from our first exchanges through email. In person, she and her husband Jon were friendly, kind, and always helpful. Couldn't have asked for better landlords.

The house itself was very comfortable to live in. I greatly appreciated the full amenities, every appliance and furniture item I needed was already part of the house. The all-inclusive room rates also made life that much easier- bills, internet, common supplies (dish washing liquid, toilet paper, etc), and fortnightly cleaning of all common areas, all in one neat number.

During my 1 year stay, a number of housemates came and went according to their uni semesters. Thanks to BSA's requirement for referees, they were all safe, friendly people.

Bottom line: I loved staying there and only moved out because uni placed me at a different location. I would've taken the house with me if I could. 😛

If you're looking for an easy move into a cosy home, I'd definitely recommend BSA!

~Ariel, Singapore~


Move to BSA:

 12 minutes walk or 5 minutes bicycle ride or 2 minutes drive to Monash University campus.

 10 minutes walk to train station, 4 minutes by train to major shopping centre.

 2 minutes walk to closest bus stop, 20 minutes by bus to major shopping centre.

 10 minutes walk to Berwick Village.

 BSA is a registered rooming home which sets a high standard for rooming houses and complies with all legally required safety measures.

 Meals provided for the first day for you if you are a new arrival to Melbourne.

 Bed linen and basics shopping (eg milk, cereal, bread) can be arranged on your behalf if you are newly arriving in Melbourne.

 Appealing rooms with friendly housemates.

 BSA is fully furnished. Live worry-free about having to buy furniture, transporting them and then having to sell them at the end of your study.

 Your room is cosy with your own personal heater and all the furnishing you need for a comfortable stay.

 Your room is safeguarded by a fire alarm.

 Your room door is lockable.

 Rent includes utilities (gas, water, electricity) inculded. No added worry of having to arrange to have all the utilities connected, such as you would if you were to personally take out a lease on a rental house.

 Unlimited wireless broadband included. Complete assignments or surf the internet within the comforts of your own bedroom.

 No responsibility for the rental fee of the house, such as you would in typical rental situations.

 Free cleaning of the common areas provided on a fortnightly basis.

 Move in immediately upon arrival. No extra cost and worry of having to arrange for temporary accommodation whilst you search for more permanent accommodation.

 Your privacy is fully respected.